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Energizing Facial Enhanced


Get an Energizing Oxygen Facial free upgraded with Anti-Wrinkles Eye Treatment worth $58. [120mins]

Energizing Oxygen Facial with Babor Beauty Ampoules

Infuses pure, concentrated oxygen into the skin, revitalizing the cell functions for a fresh, radiant and rosy complexion! For dull, tired skin that may be due to prolonged sun exposure or simply work fatigue. [90 mins]

+ Enhanced with Eye Treatment

Regular skin-regenerating eye treatments are a must to prevent premature ageing by smoothing and firming the skin areas around the eyes, whilst making dark rings, wrinkles, puffy eyes and eye bags fade away. [30mins]

Terms & Conditions applies. Promo is non-deductable from Spa Package.


Price quoted are nett and in Singapore dollars.



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