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Work from Home Getaway for 1 [90-mins] (For First Time Customers Only)


Is your body feeling the stress and fatigue of working from home? We have put together this set of treatment to specially relief the common problems of working from home, helping you to feel recharged again.

  • Starting with a full body massage with focus more on neck, lower back, shoulders and hand, where stress and aches will have build up due to long hours of working from home. [60 Mins]
  • Followed up with ear candling, where the heat from the candle can help to relief headaches and migraines, helping to improve your mental clarity. [30 Mins]


Promotion until 30 Sep 2022.

Price quoted are nett and in Singapore dollars.


Call us at 6892 0985 or use the WhatsApp button to book your session now.

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